About Us

Patagonia Development, Construction, Interior Design, Contemporary Models, Craftsmen

Patagonia Development is comprised of highly experienced and skilled construction craftsmen. It’s solid track record of service and professionalism attracts clients from all over the West coast of Florida, from Marco Island to Bonita. Nearly all of Patagonia Development’s business are referrals, so quality and client satisfaction are our #1 priority.

Heeding customer requests for a clean, minimalist residential design, Patagonia Development turned to a world-class group of Italian designers and architects who developed an authentic Italian line for Patagonia Development. “Our feeling is that Naples is a conservative town, but tastes are moving toward transitional; not super ultra modern, but clean European design. We are not completely abandoning traditions, we are injecting more modern Italian design concepts into the market,” says Raul Saad, the General Contractor for Patagonia Development.

The company provides an European designer for each and every project it undertakes in order to help its clients with their design/decorating needs, thus, bringing a strong international flavor to its residential projects. Patagonia Development strives to meet the challenge of a high-level design while maintaining the product in a competitive pricing structure. It is creating a niche where world-class design, quality construction and luxury converge, making the product attainable for the average SW Florida homeowner.

The principals of Patagonia Development have extensive development and construction experience. Their philosophy is to exceed clients expectations both in quality and value and they stake their reputation on it. You are cordially invited to call Patagonia Development for a free estimate and to share and profit from their experience and value.